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  blue PEARL Quality Seal is afixed to electrical devices that have passed PEARL Reconditioning Standards Reconditioning Standards
for Electrical Equipment, Components and Apparatus
for Reuse in Commercial and Industrial Applications

PEARL Reconditioning Standards Revision 6 was ratified by the PEARL Board of Directors on February 24, 2016.

PEARL's Reconditioning Standards are available to non-members at a minimal cost of $375 for bound copies and $150 for electronic documents. Volume pricing is also available. PEARL members are able to purchase the standards at a significant discount. To order online, click here. If you have questions or wish to order volume pricing, please email or call 877-287-3275.

Reconditioning power circuit breaker

PEARL Reconditioning Standards provide inspection, cleaning, reconditioning, testing and documentation instructions that, when followed by trained technicians, will return electrical devices to "as good as new" condition without compromise.

Electrical devices that pass the PEARL Reconditioning Standards are then ready for installation and service and will benefit from extended service life and reliability.

blue PEARL Quality Seal is afixed to electrical devices that have passed PEARL Reconditioning Standards PEARL member companies affix the blue PEARL Reconditioned Seal to electrical equipment that has passed the PEARL Reconditioning Standards.

Table of Contents
Use the following link to view the full table of contents of revision 6 of the PEARL Reconditioning Standards.

Introduction - Summaries of PEARL Reconditioning Standards

Link to:
  • Technical Standards overview
  • Inspection and Test Standards

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